What's the Best Day to Publish a Podcast?

Data Report 2022

We combed through six months of data to find the days most popular for releasing podcast episodes. Our report shares the most and least popular podcast publish days for 15+ categories.

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Best Days to Release Podcasts

It’s Time to Put an End to the Guessing Game. 

To find out when podcasts release episodes, we examined data collected by Podchaser over six months across the top 50K podcasts.

We then segmented podcast episode release data by category and the number of podcasts with at least one episode published on that day to refine the analysis further. 

Using our podcast episode release data, podcasters, podcast networks, and advertisers can better understand listener habits and identify content gaps in the market. 

What’s Inside: Podcast Release Days by Category 

  • Total Podcast Categories
  • Business Podcasts
  • Comedy Podcasts
  • Education Podcasts
  • Government Podcasts
  • Health & Fitness Podcasts
  • History Podcasts
  • Kids & Family Podcasts
  • Music Podcasts
  • News Podcasts
  • Religion & Spirituality Podcasts
  • Science Podcasts
  • Sports Podcasts
  • Society & Culture Podcasts
  • Technology Podcasts
  • True Crime Podcasts
  • TV & Film Podcasts


What's the Best Day to Publish a Podcast?

It depends on the podcast category you're in. However, Saturdays are the least popular day to publish across all podcast categories.

Where Can I Find More Resources on Podcasting?

The Podchaser blog provides insights for anyone looking to grow their podcasting business, whether they're new or experienced podcasters, PR agencies, or brands. Visit https://www.podchaser.com/articles to learn more.

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