The Ultimate Guide to Effective Podcast Advertising in 2023

Podcasting Advertising eBook

How is podcast advertising changing in 2023? Dive into podcast ad tips and best practices to help make this year the best one yet! 

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The Ultimate Guide to Podcast Ads in 2023

What’s Inside the Guide

In this eBook, you’ll get a comprehensive intro to the different types of podcast ads, their pros and cons, and how to create and measure a successful podcast ad campaign.

  1. Podcast ads are uniquely impactful because of how podcast hosts connect with their audiences.
  2. Podcasts empower brands and thought leaders to connect with their target audiences at scale.
  3. Big investing podcasts, including Canva, BetterHelp, Sonos, Manscaped, Audible, Indeed, Blue Apron, SimpliSafe, Capital One, among others.

Table of Contents 

  • What is Podcast Advertising and How Does It Work?
  • Podcast Advertising Trends
  • Podcast Ad Types
  • Podcast Ad Delivery Methods
  • Podcast Ad Placements
  • The Benefits of Podcast Advertising
  • How Much Does Podcast Advertising Cost?
  • How to Get Started with Podcast Ads
  • Podcast Ad Best Practices
  • How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Podcast Ad
  • How to Streamline Podcast Intel and Contacts with Podchaser Pro


How much does podcast advertising cost?

Average Podcast Advertising Rates in 2022, as of January 6, 2022.

Podcast Pre-roll Ad CPM
The average 15-25 second pre-roll ad spot will have a $15 CPM.
It’ll cost approximately $1,500 to purchase a pre-roll ad on a podcast that generates 100,000 listens.

Podcast Mid-roll Ad CPM

The average 30-60 second mid-roll ad spot will have a $30 CPM.
It’ll cost approximately $3,000 to purchase a mid-roll ad on a podcast that generates 100,000 listens.

Podcast Post-roll Ad CPM
The average 15-25 second post-roll (also known as an “end-roll”) ad spot will have a $10 CPM.
It’ll cost approximately $1,000 to purchase a post-roll ad on a podcast that generates 100,000 listens.

Variables in Podcast Advertising Rates

Here are the most common reasons why a podcast ad rate may be more or less than the average advertising rate.

  • Podcast Popularity (listens, social influence, Power Score™, etc.)
  • Ad length
  • Host-read vs. traditional ads vs. additional opportunities
  • Number of purchased ad spots
  • Campaign length
  • Podcaster’s discretion

How to buy podcast ads?

The ad buying podcasting consists of four primary steps:

1. Setting a media buying budget – Determine how much you want to spend on a campaign.

2. Understanding the demographics and psychographics of the target audience. Identify what your audience cares about and how best to connect with them.

3. Creating a target list of podcasts to contact - Once you know who you’re targeting and how much you’re spending, next comes outreach.

4. Contacting and executing the campaign – The outreach step will involve contacting multiple podcast hosts and networks to get rates and inventory.

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